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All in package €895

We here at web2ucheap realise that cost is of paramount importance in relation to setting up a new business. with this in mind we have designed an all in start up package that is unbeatable in relation to cost and quality. This is what you will get

  • Website address
  •  One years web hosting.
  •  Custom web design.
  •  Up to ten web pages.
  •  A contact form.
  •  Three email addresses.
  •  Basic Seo.  
  •  Free updates for one year (yes one year)
    You can have this whole package for as little as €895.
  • Current News:

    March  7th. 2012


    Satisfied Clients:

    Listen to what our clients are saying...

    March 2012

     I am very pleased with the web site web2ucheap designed for us. Unlike other companies I have used in the past, they were always available, they did what they promised and delivered on time and within our agreed budget. I would recommend web2ucheap to anyone who is in need of a top class modern web design at an unbelievable price" Mervyn Boyd MB Entertainment.

    Web2ucheap have been designing and maintaining our site since 2009. I wouldn't use anyone else! We were quoted ridiculous prices for our site, but after talking to web2ucheap they worked on a budget that suited our needs. I highly recommend you call them for any of your website design needs. They won't rest until your happy! Margaret Hanlon

    Recent Events:

    Check out this site recently built for Global Service Services.

    You could have a site like this for as little as €850.

    March  7th. 2012


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